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Live-in care worker

Live-insupport.co.uk specialise in supplying Live-in Care Workers. We are looking for a female live-in carer to work with a female client in her own home (Gloucestershire) 7 days a week, annual leave

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Live-in care worker

We specialise in providing 24 hour live-in Care for a wide range of clients who are based throughout the united kingdom. You would be assigned to assist a client with their

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Live-in care worker

Assigned to assist a client with their everyday needs, including all personal care and domestic duties for anything between 1 to 8 consecutive weeks. Your role will allow our clients to

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What is live- in care?

Live-in care provides a personal and subtle approach to 24 hour care, which includes:

  • A fully trained care worker living in the home
  • One to one care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A bespoke support plan which reflects the personal needs of the individual
  • A continuation of familiar routines and pass-times
  • Assistance with personal care and household tasks
  • Companionship and involvement in daily activities, important for mental wellbeing


What areas of the country do you cover for Live in Care?

Live-insupport.co.uk provides care in all areas of England and Wales. We always have a pool of available, trained and qualified care workers who are able to travel at short notice.


How much does it cost?

Each case is specific and is dependant upon the level of care that needs to be delivered. Following the initial chat, we will prepare a indication of the cost of the live-in care service.  The price is confirmed following our home visit and risk assessment.  Live-insupport.co.uk has lots of experience working with multi-source funding and will try and accommodate most circumstances


How long can I have a care worker for?

You can have a care worker for as long as you need one – from as little as two weeks.


What happens if I need help in the night?

Your care worker will always get up and help you.  However, if this is a regular occurrence which prevents the care worker from getting a good night’s sleep, extra care may be required via a night sitter or an extra live-in care worker.  For further information please contact our Care Manager on 0800 048 1722.


What will I be expected to provide?

The care worker will need their own room, with bed and bed linen and somewhere to store their personal belongings. You will also be expected to provide food for their meals.


Who are your care workers and where do they come from?

Our care workers could be male, female, young or old; our carer workers need to represent the diverse needs of our clients. We maintain a strong base of live-in care staff sourced from the UK and abroad.  Live-insupport.co.uk welcomes applications from all sectors of the community, but every care worker must have good spoken and written English, and must be legally entitled to work in the UK.


Have the care workers undergone Criminal Records Bureau checks?

Yes, all our care workers are subject to a CRB check (Criminal Records Bureau). Police checks from other countries are no longer valid in the U.K.  Carers will also be checked against the SOVA lists.


What time off must the care worker be allowed?

Your care worker must be allowed to take a two hour break per day, this can be arranged to suit your needs but it is generally mid afternoon. If you require constant care then you should make arrangements to cover this period.


 What happens if I don’t get on with my care worker?

This is extremely rare as our Care Managers spend a lot of time finding a suitable care worker to match with your specific requirements before live-in care starts. We keep in regular contact with both the customer and the care worker so we establish at an early stage if there are any issues.  If the situation can’t be resolved and you don’t settle with your care worker, we will provide a new care worker ensuring there isn’t a break in the care provided.


What will happen if the regular care worker is sick or goes on holiday?

Once your live-in care package starts we ensure cover is maintained throughout. If your regular care worker falls sick we will arrange cover until they are fit to return. All holidays are booked and authorised well in advance so we can organise cover during these periods.  We cannot guarantee an exact skill match but we will endeavour to match your requirements to the care worker as closely as possible.


Is live-insupport.co.uk registered with the appropriate bodies and professional associations?

We are registered with the Care Quality Commission.  We are also a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) as well as being an umbrella organisation with the Criminal Records Bureau.

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