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Live-in care worker

Live-insupport.co.uk specialise in supplying Live-in Care Workers. We are looking for a female live-in carer to work with a female client in her own home (Gloucestershire) 7 days a week, annual leave

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Live-in care worker

We specialise in providing 24 hour live-in Care for a wide range of clients who are based throughout the united kingdom. You would be assigned to assist a client with their

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Live-in care worker

Assigned to assist a client with their everyday needs, including all personal care and domestic duties for anything between 1 to 8 consecutive weeks. Your role will allow our clients to

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Evaluation and Review

Every day our care workers complete a daily communication diary. This records the tasks they carry out and monitors such things as moods, mobility and daily food intake. We also use this to promote activities, whether this be in the home or out and about.

This daily communication diary is reviewed on a monthly basis by the care worker and the Care Manager to ensure that the level of care provided meets your needs.

In the first 11 weeks of care, live-insupport.co.uk follow a review process to ensure the you are happy with our care service. This gives you the opportunity to raise any queries and request changes to your support plan. This review process includes:

Week 1


1st visit check - which will be carried out after the first few days to ensure that

the customer is comfortable and happy and that the care worker is settling in.

Week 3


Visit to assess the service to date - this will identify any problems or clashes of

personality etc which can then be addressed at this early stage.

Week 7


A face to face review of how the service being delivered.  We will also check the

property upkeep and get feedback from the customer and the care worker.

Week 11


Contact with both the customer and the care worker to establish if a further service

review is required .This is another opportunity to gain feedback.


At least every six months, your support plan will be reviewed. This offers as many opportunities as possible to give feedback and helps us tailor the service package to your specific needs.

If your care needs change significantly, for example if the clients' health deteriorates, then we would carry out a re-assessment of your needs.

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We are proud members of the UKHCA
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